The best and easy way to get an AdSense account approved

Simple tips to get an approved AdSense account

No doubt you've heard of Google Adsense. And you know what Google Adsense is the best option and most reliable online income for Bangladesh and for the citizens of other countries. However, in order to make money online in a database or in any other country through the Google Adsense, you should apply for a Google Adsense account. In the past, the application for AdSense for the approval process was much easier for owners with a blog or run in Adsense revenue sharing sites, you can get approval from your AdSense account

But the situation has changed now - to provide high quality publishers to AdWords advertisers, Google has made changes to their highest approval.

Follow the simple tips below to get approval of your application AdSense:

1) First, make sure you apply for AdSense only after a sufficient content of the site. AdSense as approved in the first attempt easier to try again.

2) Although the location of the content may be copied, in some cases, such as educational information, previous years question papers, etc. - do not add these messages to your account before your AdSense account approved.

3) In a nutshell, your account should contain only the content of their composition, when the checks Google for the application.

4) There is a brief review and the original photo in your profile if you apply through other commercial sites.

5) to a Gmail ID that the original name (the name of the payee in Adsense), it does not use other identifiers mail with your nickname.

6) If the application is rejected by Google, just wait a month and then re-apply for the mean time try to record as much of its content composition, as you can. If you re-apply once the application may be rejected new AdSense verification team, even in the absence of consideration.

7) If you apply through your site, providing easy navigation of the site, original content and active links will be very important. If you are able to provide those few things - I can assure you that your application is approved.


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