Google search advertising page in the AdSense - Reverse arbitration case?

You may have to come through the AdSense ads that promote the products of Google, such as AdWords Builder, Google Analytics, Chrome, etc., but it is an advertisement from a Web search Google, which may even cause some eyebrows. Google AdSense uses to promote (or rather publicity) of consultation with the individual pages of results. The advertising campaign is now living in a couple of links on health in India, but do not be surprised if it spreads to other areas as technology and entertainment. See screenshot:

Medico-AdSense ads

These AdSense ads in the form of gadget (see source code) and includes links to the eight-page search Google, which correspond to different doctors to the popular "How to avoid pregnancy" or "How to get pregnant. There is also a Google search box on the AdSense banner, which will take visitors page Google.

These ads are CPM (none of the outgoing link tracking code) that it was good, but I think that there are two potential problems with this format:

Problem number 1: regular AdSense ads have a point of departure (the advertiser's website), but this new format has 11 different routes exist - 8 search queries, search box, Google, Google logo and Google text link - everything points to the advertiser's site in this case Google itself.

Problem number 2: This is not, and some publishers may get the impression that Google is practicing a form of reverse arbitrage AdSense. This is because when a visitor clicks on a link in the gadget ad and lands on the Google search page again served with AdSense ads and search ads can be more valuable as getting displayed on the page, the popular "health consultation”. But the problems of distance, this type of AdSense ads will be a boon to publishers who are on the first page of Google for those search queries.

Update 1: Here's another version of the same advertisement for the technology blogs. Includes queries such as "How to create a website," how to create a blog "and so on.


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