Best tips: How to make money by Google AdSense

How do I use Google AdSense, make money. Google AdSense is an advertising company that allows users to earn money by placing targeted advertising on their personal websites or blogs. Here's how to use it.

STEP: 01
       First, you need to visit Google AdSense at / AdSense and join.accession process takes several days to give yourself some time to get your account opened.

STEP: 02
       Then, once you fully entered and activated, you can begin creating HTML, to add to your site that will display ads. You can create how you want your ad to appear for setting of colors, sizes and location of each ad.

STEP: 03
       Next, you need to place HTML you created on your website or blog. This will create ads that appear before your audience depending on the content of your site.For example, if you have a web site about fish, advertising with fish products will be displayed.

STEP: 04
       Finally, you want to track your earnings. To do this, go to the site Google AdSense, where you can view your daily income, or income, week or month. Even if you earn money, you will need to have earned at least $ 100.00 in order to take payments from Google AdSense. Good luck and happy earning money!


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