How to use Google Adsense to your site: easy tips

Google Adsense allows you to add a small piece of JavaScript code on your website or blog and make some money to go along with it.


STEP: 01
 Go to HTTPS: / / and register an account. As soon as Google makes some checks, you will receive a small piece of JavaScript code to place on your site. The entire installation process is very easy to do.
STEP: 02
Place coding to design web pages, and ads will appear when people visit your site. Ads will be linked to visitor spot, your site's content, or other factors.

STEP: 03
You start earning money based on per-click or per thousand impressions basis, depending on the ad. Google has not released the formula they use to determine how much you will make based on the visitor clicking the ad. Thus, nobody knows what you earn on the ads. It was a dispute with Google Adsense.

STEP: 04
 In addition, it should be noted that Google will only pay you as soon as you earn $ 100. For the majority of smaller websites, it will take a very long time. However, if you decide to close your account AdSense, Google will pay the account holder, if they have more than $ 10.
STEP: 05
 To maximize profits, some site owners have found ways to cheat Adsense. Please visit the Wikipedia page for ideas on this:


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