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Yes, you read it right! The most dominant trend in the Internet today, earning money through an application for Facebook. Surprised? You must be wondering how, the application can make you earn thousands of dollars. Just read this article and learn how to easily earn money just by creating simple applications catchy Facebook.
What applications for Facebook: Simply defined, the applications are small programs or components that can be easily added to a Facebook profile. Just a couple of years, Facebook applications have achieved a huge level of popularity thanks to the simplicity of its creation and a high level of profitability it brings.

How do we get from the application: you can make directly or indirectly, through Facebook application. Direct way to earn:

1. Creating an application

2. Use the application and passive way to earn:. " Creating an application with advertising your site in it (good example is the Five Factor Model to Get to know yourself you would be surprised to learn that owner created this application he put ads it becomes international visitors to visit the site through applications every day, making him a certain sum of money every day!).

Well lets go back to the direct ways to earn: Making money from the development of applications that is easier than you think. Just a few smart steps can get you to ride the success and allow you to earn millions of dollars a month. The main secret of this game is in development, applications, catchy and user-friendly. The more people use the application or application users will have more money, he can generate. It is important for the development of applications to identify user needs. Some of the most widely used Facebook applications today Funwall, best friends and Superwall. The reason why they are so widely used simply because they are the need for targeted and people use them to do a lot of other things.

For example, there is a relatively new addition, an application called "Cash Click" and it takes less than 5 minutes a day to make some cash. For each ad you click, you get paid. And also that you get paid when friends you referred click on ads! If you're lucky there are also random cash prizes to win. In a Facebook application Cash Clique has the potential income calculator. For example, if you click on 10 ads per day and refer 30 people during the first month and they will click on 10 ads per day, the revenue calculator will tell you that you have to earn $ 93 for the first month. So simple, more friends, means more money!


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