Top tips : How to use Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an affiliate pay per click advertising program, which took the Internet by storm. There are plenty of sites devoted exclusively to Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a good way for the owner of a small website for earning money. Using Adsense does not require any special skills, just a computer and a working website

STEP: 01
Build a web site to work with Google Adsense. Google has published criteria for the websites they take to the program Adsense. A good rule is simply to build an honest and straightforward web site that has a legitimate purpose other than to achieve revenue from the program Google Adsense.
STEP: 02
Sign up for Google Adsense, with the following information during registration: URL site, website, language, name, address and phone number.
STEP: 03
Send sign information. Once all the steps in Google are complete and the policy to read, click the "Send".
STEP: 04
Activate Account Google Adsense. Following the approval of invoices, e-mail notification will come. Click on the link in the email to activate your account AdSense.
STEP: 05
Sign in to your AdSense account and get the HTML code for a trusted site. Enter your username and password for AdSense login window. Then click on "Configure AdSense" tab. Click on "Adsense for Content" link. Select "Ad Unit" option on the next screen and click "Continue." And, finally, to choose the right "ad format" and select "Continue".
STEP: 06
Copy and paste the generated ad code in the appropriate section of the website. In the gray box is the Google AdSense HTML-code to be copied to the website user. Copy this code and place it in the appropriate place on the web site.
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