Pin does not receive, what you need to do?

Problem of "does not receive PIN-code" is major-ly seen in India, due to the huge number of publishers. There can be many reasons why you did not receive a pin to your address. The main reason is that place where you live, and postal mail services are available in this region may sometimes be too Google AdSense. To receive payments in the program Google AdSense, Any resident of India should and must enter their PIN to verify their mailing address. 
Whenever you are going to get a PIN, will be the date of the last generation to get contact again, in case you have not received the pin on the first attempt. If you have not received the pin so that the date is likely to generate conclusion is that both again the next time contacts too. All contain the same number only. After completion of all 3 attempts, you will receive mail from Google, to attach evidence manually verify your address and 1 or 2 days of your contact to be removed 

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